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Retail Store: Get updates on Bohomodern brand collections and our upcoming storefront in Detroit and online store, including Boho Bazaar (found & vintage collections) and Boho Bakes.

Blog Updates: Subscribe to blog updates and you'll get automated blog content sent directly to your inbox. Topics will run the gamut from interior design, to fashion, to event design and gardening.

Boho Bar: Receive news about the Boho Bar, our upcoming maker space where we'll gather people to work on BohoMade Do-It-Yourself projects from our menu, while providing an amazing selection of teas and smoothies to sip on while they create. 

Boho Mini: Updates from our kids division, where we cultivate opportunities for children to create, discover, explore, learn and grow through unique hands-on art & cultural experiences. Boho Mini's website is live at

Design Studio: Subscribe for news from Bohomodern Studio, our Detroit based boutique design firm specializing in home, retail, and gathering spaces.

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